Developing a Payments Innovation Strategy

Here is an informative article on developing a payments innovation strategy.

Laying The Foundation For Innovation In Payments

Written by Andrew Morris, CEO, Morris Advisors and Anand Goel, CEO, Optimized Payments Consulting, Inc

And so you’re a retailer looking for new ways to reduce operational costs, improve the shopping experience, enhance customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.  At the heart of all of these objectives is a payment transaction  – and the retail world is buzzing as never before with the promise of new technologies that will revolutionize the way consumers make payments.

Isis, Google, PayPal, Square and many other companies have introduced new payment technologies in just the past few years.  For retailers, the complexity and pace of change can be daunting.  After all, retailers are already faced with a dizzying array of payment options to manage and each with its own unique value proposition, risk profile, and cost/benefits to carefully consider.  And now we add a tidal wave of innovation to the mix.  Continue reading…

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