In its 2020 customer satisfaction survey, Optimized Payments' achieved a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 96 - among the best in the world, across all industries.
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Analytics & Consulting
Optimized Payments provides cutting edge analytics complemented by our deep industry expertise that drive payments insights and significant savings for Fortune 2000 clients.
See what elite brands such as Tiffany & Co., AutoNation, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., Paradies Lagardère, and Hyatt Hotels Corporation have to say about working with us.
Winning for Our Customers
Through our vast knowledge and experience in the payments space, we empower our customers with creative solutions and actionable items that bring real savings to their bottom line.
Unprecedented Level of
Detail and Understanding
Optimized Payments has helped over 200 clients optimize their payment operations and generate $350M+ savings in last 14 years. Our profound understanding of the payments’ ecosystem helps our clients achieve best in class negotiated rates, interchange qualification and back-office operations.
Unmatched Industry Expertise
Turning Your Payments Data into Key Insights & Savings
Every day, card payments generate a tremendous amount of authorization, settlement, and fee data. Most merchants only analyze payments data on a monthly or ad-hoc basis using Excel pivot tables or canned vendor reports. This leaves powerful insights and cost-saving opportunities on the table.
Optimized Analytics addresses this issue by combining a scalable analytics platform with 12+ years of consulting experience to offer merchants insights into revenue optimization, industry benchmarks, best practices, cost-saving opportunities, and operational efficiencies.
Your Partner in Payments
You have a lot on your plate, and you wear a lot of hats, and being an interchange or payments expert isn’t top on your priority list. Your payments projects are always in the rear-view mirror waiting when you have free time. But, what do you do when that free time never comes? It’s simple: let Optimized Payments help you.
Unwavering Support
As a trusted partner, Optimized Payments handles all the heavy lifting, analyses, negotiations and coordination for implementation of our recommendations, if needed. This allows our clients to focus on other priorities while making meaningful contributions to their organization.

Make Sense of Disparate Payment Data and Reduce Costs

Leverage Payments Data for Key Insights and Savings

  • Centralize – consolidate all of your card payments vendors data in one place.
  • Normalize – automate, standardize, and enhance raw payments data.
  • Analyze – perform near-real-time analysis on payments KPIs, reconciliation, interchange management, chargebacks, and more.
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Gain valuable and actionable insights through our web-based dashboards, automated e-mail alerts, consulting recommendations, and ongoing support.

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Generate ongoing cost savings through interchange optimization, network and processor negotiations, least-cost routing strategies, chargeback management and alternative payment methods.

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Our Services

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Optimized Analytics

Card payments have become increasingly complex and costly. Swipe fees are becoming one of the top five operating costs for merchants. Over 95% of Fortune 2000 companies are using Excel to analyze payments, but it’s not enough. To truly help rein in expenses and identify cost-savings areas, you need a more advanced tool.

Optimized Analytics is a cloud-based, automated solution used by many Fortune 2000 companies to deeply evaluate their payment data. Our proprietary technology helps reveal key metrics and cost-saving opportunities to pursue, as well as streamlines back-office operations.

Benefits of Optimized Analytics:

  • Fast implementation – see analytics within days of onboarding
  • Actionable alerts and insights that have an immediate impact on payment health
  • Customized dashboards that provide KPIs, interchange fees, downgrades, chargebacks, period-over-period variance analysis, and much more
Data Sources

Optimized Analytics is processor agnostic and can consume data from any vendor –  First Data, Chase, Worldpay, Elavon, Discover, Amex, PayPal, private label, gift card, ACH, etc.

Data Frequency

Analytics are updated daily for transaction-level data or monthly for aggregate data that’s based on interchange qualification.


Analytics updated daily by 9 am ET with previous day’s data. Dashboards are available 24/7/365,  and user permissions can be configured to view subset or all data.

Client Centric

Merchants with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of MIDs can customize their account hierarchy so data can be analyzed based on meaningful rollups like regions, divisions, business units, brands, countries, etc.


Optimized Consulting

Interdependency between intermediaries like POS vendors, banks, and fraud solution providers creates significant complexity in the card payments ecosystem. Any payment change requires an experienced and thoughtful approach.

Optimized Payments has over 12 years of experience in the payments space, complete with a track record of 200+ successful engagements where we’ve helped clients realize optimal results quickly.

We can help you with:

  • Interchange optimization and downgrade management
  • Processor, card network and debit network fee benchmarking & negotiations
  • Interchange and processor fee audits
  • Payments strategy
  • RFP management
  • Least-cost debit routing strategies

Most of our consultants have 15+ years of industry experience and have helped on many of our 200+ engagements.


We have unbiased advisors and partners that maintain no affiliation with any processors, gateways, or networks. 100% of our revenue comes from our clients.


We have generated over $200M in savings to date and helped merchants increase their knowledge of the payments space.


In most cases, the cost of our consulting service pays for itself within a few months of engagement.


Optimized Strategy/RFPs

Consider the evolution in payments, omni-channel sales and service, and technology. Think about alternative payment methods, industry consolidation, and the rising cost of payments. All of these factors present merchants with the challenges of updating their infrastructure, selecting the right partners, and accurately positioning their organizations for success.

Optimized Payments provides targeted advisement to help you tailor your payment strategy and select the right partners through merchant services RFIs/RFPs.

Benefits of Optimized Strategy/RFPs

  • Merchant Services RFIs/RFPs
  • Evaluation of gateway, security, and payment terminal solutions
  • Acceptance of mobile wallets & alternative payments
  • Global expansion or consolidation of payment providers
  • Evaluation of omni-channel & endless-aisle solutions

We’ve managed over 35 merchant services RFPs and have contacts at all major acquirers, gateways, and technology/security solution providers.


Our unbiased advisors and partners are loved by our clients and respected by vendors in the marketplace due to our fair, honest, and thorough approach.


We typically complete strategy projects and RFPs within two to four months. Our clients are able to make informed decisions and meet their project goals faster – while saving time and money.


Our consulting fees are typically paid for within a few months from the time saved by clients and the value created through optimal products, pricing, and service-level commitments.


Optimized Chargebacks

Do you log into multiple portals to manage chargeback representments, and track chargeback statistics in Excel? It is difficult to stay current on constantly changing chargeback rules and know best practices to represent a chargeback? Are you ever late in responding to chargebacks? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, our Optimized Chargebacks solution is for you. Here are some of the benefits:

Benefits of Optimized Chargebacks

  • Single self-service portal to consolidate and respond to chargebacks and inquiries daily from ALL of your payment vendors
  • On-screen expert guidance to build the best representment based on reason code
  • Prioritize and assign disputes, ensuring cases don’t expire or get neglected
  • Continually updated to ensure compliance with all card brand rules
  • Enhanced reporting – get win/loss rate data by user, reason code, time period, business unit…basically, any metric housed in our database

Platform developed over 10+ years of fighting chargebacks. This experience is embedded in customized workflows and templates based on reason codes.


Reduce the number of online portals and Excel spreadsheets when representing and tracking chargebacks. Our portal not only consolidates chargebacks from all payment vendors, it also electronically submits representments on your behalf…all without leaving our portal.


Merchants see an average lift of 20% in win rates by using our portal.


Our solution pays for itself within weeks. If you not completely and absolutely satisfied by the value of Optimized Chargebacks, you can cancel your agreement at any time.

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