What Optimized Payments Consulting offers your organization

Payment Analytics

Our automated platform brings all your payments data together in one place. But it goes much further by enabling your finance team to take full control of your payments data, which is centralized, normalized, and analyzed with near-real-time analysis and 24/7 access.

With our payments analytics platform, you can achieve incredible levels of payments insights:

  • Can consume daily transaction detail or monthly summary data

  • Analyze and benchmark interchange, network and acquirer fees

  • Export key performance metrics directly into PowerPoint to share with management

  • Identify important trends and potential problem areas to act upon
  • Manipulate, sort, and filter payments data to get the answers you need quickly
  • Set alerts based on specific criteria to keep a pulse on areas of interest or concern

  • Develop strategic approaches to resolving payments issues with insights gained from the easy-to-use analytics dashboard

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Payments Consulting

Sometimes you need that extra human touch to provide additional insight into your payment function. OPC has you covered.

Our payments experts know the industry inside and out and stay on top of new and emerging technologies and processes. Plus, they have critical insights gained from numerous client engagements across industries, which provide additional value to finance teams like yours.  Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies, including some of the largest providers in telecom, automotive retail, utility, insurance, online travel, healthcare, online bill payment, parking, e-commerce and luxury retail.

With our payments consulting, you can achieve even more success with your payments:

  • Identify key areas within your payment function that can be quickly optimized for near-term savings

  • Gain knowledge on interchange, chargebacks, and downgrades

  • Realize significant cost savings that bolster your bottom line and impress upper management

  • Get expert help with payments strategy, RFI/RFP guidance, corrective action planning, acquirer/network negotiation, product optimization, and more

  • Enhance your company’s expertise in all things payments
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Our trusted payments optimization process delivers measurable results

1. Optimized Strategy

Understand the cost of all payment tenders and develop long-term payments strategy for achieving optimal profit.

2. Optimize Products

Leverage least cost routing and alternative payments.

3. Optimize Pricing

Negotiate and leverage the best acquirer pricing.

4. Optimize Processes

Improve internal processes to drive customers to least-costly tenders and optimize Interchange qualification.

5. Optimize Analytics

Define, measure, and communicate key metrics to your team and upper management.

You Think You Know Payments, But…

Given your other priorities in treasury, when will you find the time to optimize payments? Don’t let potentially meaningful savings go to waste. Deliver savings and value to your organization by hiring experts with a proven track record.

Our benchmarking database and analytics has allowed over 90% of our clients to realize savings within the first year.

Let us help you realize savings!

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