Harmonize Payment Analytics

Say goodbye to spending days manually downloading and manipulating data 

Our payments analytics platform automates costly and laborious manualdata analysis and utilizes data visualization to simplify your payment processes and save you money. 


Unlock Actionable Insights

Aggregate, Simplify, & Optimize Your Payment Data

Level Up your Payments Analysis

Eliminate hours and days of logging into various portals to download and manipulate data in Excel spreadsheets.  Access data from all your payment vendors in ONE comprehensive platform. Months of IT integration, testing, and building a data warehouse, are gone – leaving you time to focus on deriving insights that improve your bottom line.


Access transaction-level analysis when you need it.


Routinely track the performance indicators that keep you ahead.


Leverage our proprietary database to uncover key metrics.


Customize email notifications to stay on top of urgent matters that matter most to you.

Struggling to manage payment files?

The amount of payment information has never been greater or more complex. Our standardized data schema, specialized tables, and custom calculations remove data ambiguities and deliver greater insight.


Outsource coding or manage changes to existing raw data file specifications to free up resources.


Consolidate your payment data from all payment vendors.


Normalize all payment tenders and categorize data.


Apply proprietary tables (e.g. interchange, BIN, fee, MID) to make sense of raw data.


Expert review & resolution of data ambiguities.

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Key Benefits

Distill the most valuable and timely KPIs in easy-to-understand dashboards and get insightful data in near real-time.

Card metadata

Our solution links the BIN- the first six (or eight)digits of a card number- to a global BIN file that can identify metadata about the card, such as issuing bank, country, type of card, PINless eligibility.



Example: Receive a notification if your downgrades exceed 2% of total sales or the number of chargebacks goes over 20 in a single day.


Roles & Permissions

User permissions can be configured to view a subset or all data.


Reliable Analytics

Analytics are refreshed daily for transaction-level data or monthly for aggregate data that are based on interchange qualification.


Identify Trends & Forecasts

Leverage historical data to perform trending analysis and forecasting for sales, transactions, and fees by MID, division, business unit, or the entire organization.

Stay Informed

Daily, weekly, or monthly alerts for key metrics that affect your bottom line. For example, get an alert if your downgrades exceed 2% of total sales or the number of chargebacks goes over 20 in a single day or approval rates drop to 50%.

Analyze BINs

Uncover card metadata to explore root-cause of declines, fraud, evaluate alternative payment methods, identify least cost routing strategies, and negotiate with the credit and debit networks.

Improve Daily Reconciliation

Easily validate sales from your POS with settlement reporting, including daily emails and online dashboard alerts that give you the opportunity to verify sales, transactions, and fees by card brand, as well as deposit amounts.

Audit & Benchmark Network and Acquirer Fees

Easily validate whether the network fees you’re being charged align with published rates—and that you’re not being overbilled by your processor. Benchmark acquiring fees against similar-sized merchants and get guidance that can be used in your next negotiation. You can even set alerts for meeting volume commitments on acquiring and network incentives/performance thresholds.

Detailed Analytics Dashboards

The Data You Need When You Need It


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“The analytics have helped us identify issues with our payment processing, and over the course of the last 18 months, we’ve identified savings in excess of 15 million dollars in partnership with Optimized Payments.”

Jane Frazier, Charter Communications

“Increased efficiency…cut time of one FTE from spending a day doing manual reconciliation to almost 45 minutes.”

Nitish Pandit, Priceline

Simplify the Complexity of Payments Data with Visual Tools.

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