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In its 2020 customer satisfaction survey, Optimized Payments’ achieved a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 96 – among the best in the world, across all industries.

Net Promoter Score

Atlanta, GA, October 7, 2020: Optimized Payments, a leading payments analytics and consulting firm, achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 96 in a recent customer survey. This world-class score places the firm ahead of numerous brands, both small and large, in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is an important milestone and recognition for Optimized Payments as it values customer satisfaction above all other metrics when measuring Company success.

The NPS score is the world’s leading metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty and is graded on a 0 to 10 scale. It indicates not only customer satisfaction levels, but how willing customers are to recommend a company to others. The score is calculated by subtracting low scores (called detractors) from high scores (called promoters).

For this survey, Optimized Payments posed two questions:

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company/service to a friend or a colleague?

What did you like best about your experience with Optimized Payments

For the second question, clients had a lot of positive feedback to share:

“Knowledgeable payment industry experts that are able to understand big picture issues and present a clear approach to improvement.”

“The solutions that are provided are truly customized to the issues at hand.”

“Very timely in responding and accommodating to numerous design build requests”

A NPS score of 96 means Optimized Payments pulls far ahead of well-known brands such as Ritz Carlton, Apple and American Express which received an NPS score of 68, 68 and 55, respectively, on the 2019 NICE Satmetrix Consumer Net Promoter Benchmark Study.

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“I am incredibly grateful to see this resounding positive feedback from our clients. Internally, we believed we had made a distinctive and lasting impact on our clients’ payments initiatives, and this study proves it. We will strive to maintain the level of service and results our clients have come to expect, as we scale our analytics platform and continually improve our consulting expertise.”

Anand Goel, CEO, Optimized Payments

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