Optimized Payments Unveils Innovative Payments Analytics Platform and Chargeback Management Services

New cloud-based architecture to accelerate business growth and introduce cutting-edge payments services.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 – Optimized Payments, a global leader in payments analytics,  announced the launch of a state-of-the-art, flexible, and modular technology platform. This platform excels with best-in-class capabilities for scalable payment analytics, serving a diverse range of global clients. At the beginning of the year, Optimized embarked on a transformative journey, consolidating, and upgrading its three distinct analytics applications into a single unified platform named Harmonize. Harmonize utilizes serverless and containerized applications  orchestrated with Kubernetes for rapid deployment of enhancements and new services in a scalable and secure fashion. For instance, it can ingest a 10-gigabyte file containing 50 million records in seconds by splitting it into 50 smaller 200-megabyte files and processing these smaller files in parallel.

One of Harmonize’s key advantages is its ability to swiftly ingest, normalize, and visualize large datasets to provide actionable insights. Cantaloupe, a global technology leader serving 29,000 customers with payment and software services, benefited significantly from Harmonize. Analyzing over a billion transactions, Harmonize identified “… significant cost savings, amounting to millions per year, and gained a clearer understanding of our payment acceptance expenses,” noted Scott Stewart, CFO at Cantaloupe.

Harmonize is poised to achieve a significant milestone, housing nearly 30 billion transactions across our clients in the coming months. “We are excited to apply AI and ML augmentation and provide richer insights to our clients across verticals, processors, and sales channels. Additionally, we look forward to building an API layer that will enable new product partnerships and customer use cases” says Anand Goel, CEO of Optimized Payments.

Another valuable feature of Harmonize is its capacity to leverage large, normalized datasets to build new services. Scott Stone, Head of Products at Optimized Payments, explains, “We observed that many clients preferred not to outsource chargeback management and were manually responding to disputes. So, we used our normalized chargeback data and built Harmonize Disputes, a configurable application that encapsulates decades of industry knowledge and network rules, offering an easy-to-use workflow tool for comprehensive in-house chargeback management.”

Following a successful pilot with Hyatt Hotels, Optimized Payments plans to rollout Harmonize Disputes in 2024. Dan Stephenson, Director of Shared Services at Hyatt, attests to the positive impact, stating, “Hyatt has benefited from the payment analytics partnership with Optimized Payments over the last five years. We have used Harmonize Analytics to manage payment costs, streamline reconciliation, and now leverage their newest application, Harmonize Disputes. We are thrilled to witness a 20% improvement in my team’s efficiency when responding to disputes across all card brands through this unified application.”

About Optimized Payments
Optimized Payments is a leading global payments analytics company that empowers businesses with actionable insights for smarter decisions. As a trusted partner to enterprise merchants and payment facilitators, Optimized Payments has helped save over $1 billion in payment costs, improved authorization rates and operating efficiencies. Optimized Payments has an innovative product suite and a flexible client engagement model leveraging Harmonize, a unique cloud analytics platform, and strategic payments domain expertise with a team of industry veterans.

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