Global Leader in Payments Analytics and Consulting, Optimized Payments, Demonstrates Renewed Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

ATLANTA, GA, January 3, 2024 -Optimized Payments, a leading force in payments analytics and consulting on a global scale, proudly announces a bold step in fortifying its commitment to cybersecurity. Recognizing the evolving landscape of cyber threats in today’s electronic financial transactions era, Optimized Payments is reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in simplifying payments and empowering merchants worldwide.

In response to the escalating complexities of cyber threats, Optimized Payments has appointed Joshna Yarlagadda as its Chief Cyber Security Architect. With an illustrious background as an experienced network and security leader, Joshna brings a wealth of expertise gained through tenures with enterprise organizations.

Joshna Yarlagadda, commenting on the evolving threat landscape, stated, “Cyber threats are dynamic and evolving, demanding constant vigilance. Secure networks, systems, and digital assets are paramount for modern-day security.”

Optimized Payments acknowledges the critical responsibility it holds in safeguarding sensitive financial information and fostering trust with its clients. As the company expands both in size and operational capability, it is essential that its security measures grow in tandem.

“I am impressed with the company’s structure, alignment, and goals for 2024. The planning is excellent, and the targets are on point. I am excited about the big achievements that Optimized Payments will make in the coming year, and I look forward to contributing to its success.” – Joshna Yarlagadda

In 2024, Joshna will spearhead Optimized Payments’ cybersecurity initiatives, focusing on achieving SOC II compliance and ISO Certification. These advancements, encompassing secure data transfers, streamlined security controls, advanced threat detection, and more, aim to bolster Optimized Payments’ resilience and instill confidence in its clients.

Optimized Payments is poised to set new standards in cybersecurity excellence, ensuring that merchants and partners alike can transact with confidence in an era where cybersecurity is not just a necessity but a cornerstone of operational success.

About Optimized Payments
Optimized Payments is a global leader in payment analytics, empowering businesses with actionable insights for smarter decisions. Optimized Payments has helped merchants save over $1 Billion in card processing fees, improve authorization rates and streamline their back-office operations (e.g., reporting, reconciliation, chargeback management). With an esteemed team of industry veterans and a comprehensive suite of solutions, Optimized Payments delivers unparalleled expertise to the world of payments.

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