Optimized Payments Consulting Rebrands as Optimized Payments

Optimized Payments Consulting Rebrands as Optimized Payments
New name. New look. Analytics focused.

Atlanta, GA, October 15, 2019: Optimized Payments Consulting, a leading payments consulting and analytics firm, has rebranded as Optimized Payments. The main reasons driving this rebrand are its continued focus and investment in building a technology platform for advanced payment analytics.

On what inspired him to rebrand his company, CEO Anand Goel said, “I started this firm as an experience-driven consulting venture with technology supporting my efforts. Eventually, I grew my team and brought technology to the forefront. Skip forward 12 years, and we have seen tremendous growth in both our consulting and analytics solutions. We needed a new brand identity that reflected this evolution and concisely communicated our mission of optimizing payments.”

Goel says that Optimized Payments growth is driven by its clients’ needs. As clients enter new markets, accept new payment methods like Alipay and WeChat or have new use cases for payment data, Optimized Payments is ready to leverage its analytics platform. For example, one client wanted point-of-sale data that included cash, check and card payments to be consumed and analyzed on a daily basis. Given its flexible analytics platform, Optimized Payments was able to consume this data, add relational meta tags and provide interactive dashboards within two weeks. The client loved the speed of implementation and was able to save four to five labor hours per week. For another client, Optimized Payments consumed transactional data from four payment vendors. This data was normalized and enriched with proprietary tables and a single file was sent back to the merchant on a daily basis. The merchant was able to link customer records from front-end CRM data to back-end card transaction processing data normalized by Optimized Payments. The merchant was able to determine the exact cost of card processing by customer and gain a better measure of customer profitability.

Growth has occurred behind the scenes as well. Optimized Payments has:

  • Invested over $1 million in upgrading its cloud infrastructure for greater scalability, redundancy, and security.
  • Onboarded additional consultants to support more clients.
  • Reallocated over half of its team to focus on analytics and continually improve its platform’s feature set.
  • Solidified partnerships to better leverage its analytics platform and add even more value to client engagements.

Always looking toward the future, Optimized Payments has created an analytics product roadmap that will see clients receiving more and more value over time. It’s a journey Goel says he’s excited to take with his team.

“We are developing and testing solutions that will enable our analytics clients to effortlessly streamline their back-office operations when it comes to card payments, as well as receive more granular insights to better inform their strategic decision making.”

About Optimized Payments
Optimized Payments is a payments analytics and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients reduce their payment processing costs while streamlining back-office operations. By leveraging its analytics platform and its consultants’ broad industry experience and insights, Optimized Payments helps merchants effectively manage card payments. The Company has saved clients over $200 million in card processing costs.

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