Maximizing Profitability through Optimized Payment Costs for a Leading Payments ISO

The Client

Our client is a prominent automotive services payments ISO. With a rapidly growing business and a substantial portion of revenue derived from payments acceptance, the client faced the challenge of ensuring their payment costs were fully optimized to maximize profitability. Their complex ecosystem included thousands of sub-merchants across various acquirers and pricing models, making it challenging to compile data for detailed cost analysis.

The Challenge

The client faced a significant challenge in ensuring optimal profitability by addressing inefficient payment processing costs. Their primary concern was to avoid missing out on potential profits by overlooking cost-saving opportunities. Yet, the task of overseeing thousands of sub-merchants across diverse acquirers and navigating through a range of pricing models introduced intricate layers of complexity to their operations.

Multiple Processors

The client worked with three different processors, each with its own set of transaction fees, interchange rates, and operational nuances. Managing these diverse processor relationships added a layer of complexity to the payment processing landscape.

Diverse Pricing Models

Sub-merchants under the client’s umbrella operated under four different pricing models. Each pricing model had its own implications on costs, making it challenging to conduct a comprehensive cost analysis.

Information Gathering vs. Cost Optimization

The client’s focus was primarily on gathering information rather than actively seeking and implementing cost-saving opportunities. This lack of proactive optimization efforts meant that potential areas for cost reduction were not being identified and leveraged.

Complex Cost Analysis

Conducting a comprehensive cost analysis across thousands of sub-merchants, each under different pricing models and processors, posed a significant challenge. It was difficult to isolate specific data points and identify actionable insights that could lead to cost-saving initiatives.

The client grappled with the complexity of managing multiple processors, diverse pricing models, and a lack of proactive cost optimization efforts. These challenges collectively hindered their ability to conduct comprehensive cost analysis, identify potential areas for optimization, and maximize profitability in their operations.


The Solution

While the client had already utilized several cost-saving initiatives, they faced challenges in fully implementing these initiatives throughout their entire portfolio. The primary reason for this incomplete implementation was the lack of ability to validate results at an individual sub-merchant level, resulting in gaps in cost-saving strategies.

Optimized Payments addressed these challenges with tailored solutions:

Framework Optimization

Leveraging existing cost-saving initiatives, we conducted a thorough analysis to identify gaps in implementation. One such gap was the inability to verify cost-saving configurations at the individual sub-merchant level. We worked closely with the client to develop a framework optimization strategy that enabled them to quickly address existing gaps. This included implementing configurations at every location to ensure full implementation of cost-saving initiatives across their entire portfolio.

Harmonize Implementation

As part of our solution, the client adopted our Harmonize payments analytics platform. This platform allowed them to ingest, organize, and track payments data effectively, providing a unified view of their entire payment ecosystem. With Harmonize, the client gained the ability to conduct comprehensive analysis and verify cost-saving initiatives down to the individual sub-merchant level. Additionally, Harmonize played a crucial role in identifying new gaps as they emerged, enabling proactive optimization strategies and ensuring continuous improvement in cost-saving measures.

The Results

Annual Savings


The client is projected to save nearly $1 million per year in payment processing costs, contributing directly to their bottom line and profitability.

Optimized Portfolio


By leveraging Harmonize and optimizing their framework, the client fully optimized their portfolio, ensuring maximum cost efficiency across their entire network of sub-merchants.

The Conclusion

Through strategic implementation of our Harmonize payments analytics platform and expertise in payment cost optimization, our client, a leading automotive services payments ISO, achieved substantial cost savings and ensured they were experiencing maximum profitability. This case study highlights Optimized Payments’ ability to achieve meaningful results and provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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