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Optimized Payments has worked with hundreds of Merchants and PayFacs in the last 20 years, and we’ve found that organizations often struggle to assess their payment processes and performance. 

With our Payment Performance Health Check, we will take a portion of your payments data, analyze with our platform, and have our team of experts review it to  identify potential areas of savings and opportunities for improvement. 


How well is your payments process performing?

The payments ecosystem is complex, full of hidden fees and arcane data and details that even the most sophisticated payments team can find overwhelming.

Between trying to figure out if you’re overpaying for credit card processing and navigating through the myriad of compliance regulations, staying on top of your payment performance can feel daunting. In such an intricate landscape, hidden value often gets overlooked.

Unlock Hidden Savings

Let Us Assess Your Payments Performance

Leverage Insights

Maximize Cost Savings

Although Interchange fees cannot be negotiated, internal processes can be managed and optimized to obtain the lowest Interchange available for each transaction. We’ll review various factors that affect interchange rates, such as transaction type, card type, and industry classification, and give you insight on how to structure your payment processes to maximize cost savings. 


Maximize Potential

Identify Blind Spots

Unlocking the full potential of your payments process starts with understanding where you currently stand. Our health check will pinpoint blind spots lurking in your payments ecosystem that often hide inefficiencies, excessive fees, and missed opportunities for optimization. By shining a light on these areas, you gain invaluable insights into how your business operates financially.  


Develop a Strategy

Gain Clarity

Misinformation and confusion can cloud your understanding of what an effective payment process consists of. Sometimes, all you need is clarity – a clear understanding of what an optimal payment strategy looks like for your organization. Our team will not only discuss your results but also offer actionable insights tailored to your business needs. 

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