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Managing hundreds, let alone thousands, of submerchant accounts can be difficult. The volume of data, coupled with the unique requirements of each merchant, can quickly become overwhelming. Monitor the overall health of your payments systems, and manage KPIs down to the individual merchant

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Payment Analytics Solution trusted by more than 700 Merchants and Payment Facilitators.

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The Problem

Your payment processes for controlling interchange costs lack efficiency

Disjointed Process

Manual processes and multiple systems make it hard to manage interchange fees and costs.

Multiple Data Sources

Data is coming from various platforms and processors, making it hard to efficiently review and analyze. 

Resource Constraints

There’s a lack of resources, time, and expertise to gather in-depth insights into your payment data. 

Simplify and Automate Your Payment Process

Gain detailed strategic insights

Track key performance metrics across the entire submerchant base

Seamlessly monitor and track key payment metrics across all sub-merchant accounts. This holistic view into your payment operations will assist you in identifying trends and areas for improvement more effectively.

Level 2 & Level 3 Data

Quantify and monitor what could be saved.

Qualification Trending

Monitor your downgraded sales rate over time - essential to identify potential opportunities for cost savings.

Downgraded Detail by Location

Review a breakdown of payment transaction details based on geographic locations where the transations occurred.

Fee Breakdown

Visualize the trend of your costs categorized by fee type (interchange, netowkr, processor, etc.), alongside the overall volume trend.

Comprehensively display data

Consolidate all submerchants' data intoan easily accessible, comprehensive dashboard

Eliminate the need to toggle between multiple platforms and spreadsheets, streamlining your data review process. Gain access to detailed insights of the payment performance across all sub-merchant accounts.

Track Valuable Metrics and KPIs

With the power of our analytics platform, you can display your data and track valuable KPIs to monitor the health of your payments systems, down to the individual merchant.

Effective Rate

Get a high level look into your monthly processing costs and assess what your real costs are.

Cost Trends

 Visualize how changing metrics over time, such as card mix, impact overall cost trends for your organization

Debit Mix

Collect transaction data in real-time and identify debit card payment trends and patterns. 


Track when a transaction is routed to an interchange category that is priced higher than the target category.


Monitor the volume of transactions using network tokens and identify savings opportunities associated with tokenized transactions.

Level 2 and 3 Data

Monitor how accurately you are capturing transaction details beyond basic payment information.

“While at Fiserv, we identified the need for in-depth expertise on interchange and card network rules. Optimized Payments was able to identify savings opportunities far beyond what we could have imagined. The ROI on hiring these experts was immediate and the process quite simple.” 

Jane Frazier, Charter Communications

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Simplify the Complexity of Payments Data with Visual Tools.

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