Reduce Your Interchange Fees and Save Millions in Processing Costs

Managing over 1,000 distinct interchange categories can be daunting, understanding how to reduce them is even more difficult. Optimized Payments will help you tailor your payment strategy to ensure every aspect of it is optimized to save you money and maximize profits. 

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The Problem

Navigating the intricacies of interchange fees takes up valuable time and resources

Revenue Loss

Transaction fees are diminishing your margins and bottom line with every transaction.

Hidden Fees

Inconsistent rates and unexpected increases are making it hard to allocate resources strategically.

Operational Distraction

The time spent navigating these fees is diverting attention from other business operations and initiatives.

Put an end to overpaying for your credit card transactions

Interchange fees are a normal part of doing business that costs merchants billions of dollars every year – often representing 70 to 95 percent of the total cost of processing credit and debit cards.  

 Leveraging your existing data, Optimized Payments can help you reduce your overall cost of payments. 

Experience significant cost savings

Identify and implement strategies that qualify for lower interchange rates

Consolidate your data across all your payment vendors, making it easier for you to review key factors which affect your interchange rates, including transaction type, card type, and industry classification, to help you structure your payment processes to maximize cost savings. 

Gain a competitive advantage

Strategically manage interchange and gain the flexibility to lower prices

Proactively strategize and fine-tune your interchange management to not only ensure cost efficiency but also open avenues for increased profitability, allowing you to stay agile in a dynamic marketplace.

Reduce your credit card fees

Analyze your existing data to ensure each card transaction is matched to the best possible interchange category

Delve into your existing data to analyze each credit card transaction to make certain that every transaction is precisely matched to the most favorable interchange category, minimizing credit card fees and optimizing overall cost savings for your business. 

Implement actionable strategies to optimize your business infrastructure for low-cost swipe fees.

“The analytics have helped us identify issues with our payment processing, and over the course of the last 18 months, we’ve identified savings in excess of 15 million dollars in partnership with Optimized Payments.”

Jane Frazier, Charter Communications

“Increased efficiency…cut time of one FTE from spending a day doing manual reconciliation to almost 45 minutes.”

Nitish Pandit, Priceline

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