AFP Payments Guide: Better Card Management Solutions

OPC’s Anand Goel was quoted in this article in AFP Payments Guide.

Ever-Rising Costs Push Merchants Toward Better Card Management Solutions

As payment processes and technology become ever more sophisticated, the rules and fees related
to cards continue to multiply, as do the opportunities for fraudsters to find cracks in the system.
Fortunately, the technology and services to manage card-related costs are also advancing.
This guide will look first at the structural changes companies are making (or want to make) at the
executive level to enable more effective management of card-related fees and other costs. It will then explore
in detail the type of research and analysis merchants must pursue, and the steps they can take, to manage
and reduce fees and other costs arising in the card ecosystem, as well as from fraud and chargebacks.
Finally, the guide will look ahead at how the push for a faster payment system in the U.S., along with other
developments, will impact the card industry and the merchants accepting those payments.

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