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Protect your revenue and stop disputes before they happen

With every transaction, comes the risk of a chargeback. Optimized Payments serves as a lifeline, providing insight into what is causing these disputes and what you can do to prevent them from eating away at your revenue.

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The Problem

Chargebacks are causing a significant revenue loss


Inefficient Reports

Your reports lack visibility into the details and patterns that contribute to chargebacks, making it hard to improve your chargeback strategy..

Manual Processes

Having to manually review your chargeback data is time-consuming and is more prone to human error, often leading to delayed dispute resolutions.

Legacy Technology

Your current technology lacks the scalability to normalize and visualize the growing volume of chargeback disputes.

Stop chargebacks from impacting your bottom line

Customers often see a chargeback as a simple refund, but it costs you, as the merchant, so much more. It’s estimated that for every $100 in chargeback, you’ll pay $240, almost 250% of the purchase amount if you’re unable to accurately provide proof of the sale. One of the biggest challenges for merchants handling chargebacks is their struggle to pinpoint the root cause behind them, whether it’s due to authorization errors or processing issues

Optimized Payments can act as your payments partner to help you protect your bottom line by providing you tools and strategies to effectively manage chargebacks. 

Minimize Revenue Loss

Use analytics for proactive dispute management

Beyond the immediate cost of chargeback fees, there are multiple hidden” fees eating away at your revenue with every payment dispute. Visualize and analyze your chargeback data to get ahead of disputes before they happen.

Spend Minutes, not days analyzing chargebacks

Empower your team to make informed financial decisions quickly

For many merchants, resolving disputes entails hours of manually sifting through records across multiple platforms, often under stringent timelines. With our platform, you can efficiently analyze and review chargeback data from all your payment service providers and networks in a consolidated dashboard.

Simplify operational workload

Streamline your dispute resolution interface

The typical chargeback process consists of a labor-intensive workload coupled with fragmented data, legacy tech, and regulation challenges. Streamline your operations to reduce the time and resources needed for dispute resolution.

Recover More Revenue With Less Effort

“The analytics have helped us identify issues with our payment processing, and over the course of the last 18 months, we’ve identified savings in excess of 15 million dollars in partnership with Optimized Payments.”

Kristen Mills, Senior Manager, Treasury, Staples

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