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Interchange Optimization and Downgrade Management

Interchange makes up about 85% of the total cost of card processing for most large merchants.  And there are over 1,000 unique interchange categories. How do you know whether you’re receiving the most favorable interchange rates?

There are many variables that impact the application of a specific interchange rate, such as card type, entry mode, MCC, acceptance environment, transaction amount, and numerous others.  While some of these variables can’t be influenced, many can. We can uncover these cost-saving opportunities and improve your bottom line.

Processor, Card Network and Debit Network Fee Benchmarking & Negotiations

While interchange rates are publicly available, data around acquiring and gateway fees and network incentive agreements is not. This makes negotiation difficult at best. So, you can never be sure whether you have an optimal agreement.

Over our 12+ year history and 200+ engagements, we’ve gathered significant market intelligence about these fees and agreements. We leverage these insights to improve your pricing in the form of reduced rates, upfront incentives, and rebates.

Interchange and Processor Fee Audits

When was the last time you performed an independent audit on card processing fees? Most large merchants are on interchange pass-through pricing that allows them to pay published interchange and network fees in addition to negotiated processing fees with their acquirer. Misapplied rules and mis-keyed pricing happen more often than you’d think, and these mistakes cost you.

Our proprietary software easily sifts through millions of records to find gaps and uncover cost-saving opportunities, along with retroactive refunds and credits.

Payments Strategy

Do you need to create a payments strategy, outline a roadmap to achieve a defined strategy, or simply reach specific payment goals? Most merchants have a wish list of payments issues they want to resolve or new solutions they want to implement to save money and enhance the customer experience.

Whatever your payment need, our experienced consultants can help. We’ve undoubtedly helped other merchants with needs just like yours. Let us help you accelerate your implementation timeline, save money by sharing best practices, or help prioritize multiple initiatives by developing informed business cases.

RFP Management

Should you hire an expert to help manage a merchant services RFP? The key to this decision is determining whether you have the time AND needed expertise. A merchant services RFP is VERY different from other RFPs typically managed by procurement groups. A subtle pricing mishap can cost millions per year. A misunderstanding of technical integration capabilities can delay implementation for months.

Optimized Payments has the deep industry expertise to avoid these common pitfalls. We’ve managed over 35 merchant services RFPs, many with complex needs like payment terminal acquisition, gateway and security solutions, omni-channel tokenization, vendor consolidation, etc. Our methodical and experienced approach enables us to complete RFP projects within two to four months.

Least-Cost Debit Routing Strategies

Do you have an optimized least-cost routing strategy, and have you structured optimal incentive agreements with the debit networks? If not, or if you don’t know, we can tell you.

We’ve worked with some of the largest retailers in the U.S., with the largest processing over 800 million debit transactions per year, and we understand all the nuances that can impact card network incentive agreements. In addition, we have sophisticated analytics that can evaluate different transaction routing scenarios and recommend an optimal solution that delivers the greatest cost savings—sometimes millions annually.

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