We offer several consulting services to help you succeed with payments

Payments Strategy Development

Like any critical organizational decision, your payments function requires a strategic approach for the best results. After all, a lack of strategy can lead to higher payments-related costs and/or a poor customer experience. Our knowledgeable payments consultants can help you develop a tailored strategy for your payments.

Interchange Management

For most large merchants, interchange makes up 85% of the total cost of card processing.  What initiatives do you have to reduce interchange?  Have you looked at sending Level 2/3 data, implementing 3D secure for ecommerce or leveraging least cost routing in retail? These are a few of the strategies we have employed to save millions for our clients.  Our extensive payments industry and product knowledge provide the critical insights to maximize the return on your payments processing.

RFI/RFP Guidance

The merchant acquiring, gateway, and/or payment terminal RFP/RFI process can offer its own challenges. Thankfully, we work with organizations like yours to manage all or part of the process. We help align your point-of-sale, technology integration, service, reporting, security and financial needs with an optimal acquiring partner.

Web-Based Analytics

Payments is a process like any other in an organization.  If you cannot measure the performance of payments, you cannot improve it.  Our powerful analytics allow you to measure payments by centralizing, normalizing and analyzing all your data in one place.   We provide key performance metrics to keep your management informed, and provide actionable insights to reduce the cost of payments, and make you look like a rock star.

Acquirer/Network Negotiation

How do your acquiring fees compare with the top 10 percentile in your peer group?  Have your peers negotiated any custom agreements with the card networks that you should be considering?  These are the kinds of questions we help you answer as part of negotiations with your merchant acquirer. Leverage our experience and expertise and get a leg up on the competition.

Chargeback Reduction

Chargebacks are a challenge for many organizations, large and small and across industries. As long as customers are involved in the payments process, chargebacks are inevitable. However, with our help, you can reduce chargebacks and increase win ratios.

Corrective Action Planning

It’s not enough to identify a payments problem. Corrective action requires a detailed understanding of the payments ecosystem and coordination of efforts across all stakeholders. We help you do that effectively.

Alternative Payments

Does your organization need help evaluating the impact of various mobile and alternative payment options on customer experience, technology integration, security, fraud management, cost, settlement and reconciliation? We’ve got you covered whether you are looking at PayPal, Amazon Pay, Alipay or WeChat.

Identify Where You’re Vulnerable

When you’re too close to a problem, it’s hard to keep a high-level perspective and remain objective. As a payments partner, we can provide an external and experienced viewpoint you simply cannot achieve within your organization alone.

The payments landscape is full of downgrade craters and chargeback cliffs you can easily fall from without the right guide.

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At OPC, we walk the talk. We deliver on our promise to increase profitability and ensure our clients receive incredible value from our payments partnership.

OPC Case Studies

From streamlining chargebacks to effectively reducing downgrades, OPC has provided AutoNation with over $1 million in savings. Explore more in the full case study.

AutoNation Case Study

From benchmarking fees and improving interchange qualification, OPC was able to help BPM reduce card processing costs by 21%. Explore more in the full case study.

BPM Case Study

From identifying high transaction fees to assisting with a new vendor, OPC was able to help CPM save over $1.7 MM in just the first year alone. Explore more in the full case study.

CPM Case Study

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