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Visa FANF Changes in April & July 2015

Visa introduced number of changes to its Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF) structure last year that will become effective on April 1, 2015 and July 15, 2015.  The changes impact payment aggregators like PayPal and Square, small merchants with less than $1,250 in monthly Visa sales volume and select merchants operating unattended terminals/kiosks. Read the changes [...]

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Costco’s Near Zero Interchange with Visa and Citigroup

Fascinating (at least for payment geeks) article in Bloomberg about Costco’s new partnership with Visa and Citibank.  Costco is set to issue new Citibank Visa credit cards next year when its partnership expires with AmEx in March 2016.  This article notes that AmEx is paying 0.60% in interchange fees to AmEx but the new deal [...]

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Visa’s Accelerated Connection Platform

I have heard about Visa’s Accelerated Connection Platform (ACP) and recently saw the following press release from CenPOS, a payments technology VAR, touting their certification to ACP.  The press release seems to suggest that this certification would allow a merchant to disintermediate a bankcard processor.  This, however, is not completely the case.   A Visa [...]

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Amex Loses Big on Interchange Dispute, Merchants Rejoice

The following article by Andrew Deichler appears in this month’s AFP Payments newsletters.  Our CEO is quoted is this article. Treasury and finance professionals won big when a judge ruled that American Express could not prevent retailers from trying to steer customers toward using credit cards that carry lower interchange fees. The court determined that [...]

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Card Networks to Use Tokens for Mobile & Online Transactions

It it good to see the card networks (Visa, MasterCard and AmEx)  working together to develop a global standard that improves security and the consumer shopping experience in online and mobile channels. The following article in the WSJ discusses how this initiative will replace card  numbers with customizable tokens that can be used for online [...]

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Updates from Swipe-Fee Settlement Hearing on Sept 12

Judge John Gleeson held a long awaited Visa/MasterCard settlement fairness hearing today, September 12, in a Brooklyn court. He heard the arguments from the proponents and opponents of the proposed settlement.  He questioned both sides on their arguments and reminded them that the settlement is a compromise and neither side is likely to get everything they are seeking. Click here to read the WSJ article [...]

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Durbin Hearing Update – Repayment of Debit Interchange Fees?

On July 31st the District of Columbia trial court invalidated the Federal Reserve Board’s Durbin regulation, upending the swipe fee regulation. This decision has left the industry in disarray with many open-ended questions. There was a status conference hearing yesterday, August 14, with the Fed and U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon to discuss next steps [...]

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