Turning Your Payments Data into Key Insights & Savings
Every day, card payments generate a tremendous amount of authorization, settlement, and fee data. Most merchants only analyze payments data on a monthly or ad-hoc basis using Excel pivot tables or canned vendor reports. This leaves powerful insights and cost-saving opportunities on the table.
Optimized Analytics addresses this issue by combining a scalable analytics platform with 12+ years of consulting experience to offer merchants insights into revenue optimization, industry benchmarks, best practices, cost-saving opportunities, and operational efficiencies.
Through our vast knowledge and experience in the payments space, we empower our customers with creative solutions and actionable items that bring real savings to their bottom line.
Unprecedented Level of
Detail and Understanding
Optimized Payments has helped over 200 clients optimize their payment operations and generate $200M+ savings in last 12 years. Our profound understanding of the payments’ ecosystem helps our clients achieve best in class negotiated rates, interchange qualification and back-office operations.
Unmatched Industry Expertise

Make Sense of Disparate Payment Data and Reduce Costs

Analyzing Payments Across Industries




Luxury Goods


Auto Rental






Do it all with Optimized Analytics

Monitor KPIs

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Optimize Interchange & Manage Downgrades

Enhance Chargeback Management & Reporting

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Optimize Approval Rates

Obtain key insights about your customers

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And Much More…

Identify Trends & Forecast

Leverage historical data in our database to perform trending analysis and forecasting for sales, transactions, and fees by MID, division, business unit, or the entire organization.

Analyze BINs

Our solution links the BIN—the first six digits of a card number—to a global BIN file that can identify metadata about the card, such as issuing bank, country, type of card, etc. You can use this data to explore alternative payment methods and negotiate with the credit and debit networks.

Configure Alerts

Set up daily, weekly, or monthly alerts for the metrics you are most interested in tracking. For example, get an alert if your downgrades exceed 2% of total sales or the number of chargebacks goes over 20 in a single day.

Improve Daily Reconciliation

Easily validate sales from your POS with settlement reporting, including daily emails and online dashboard alerts that give you the opportunity to verify sales, transactions, and fees by card brand, as well as deposit amounts.

Audit & Benchmark Network and Acquirer Fees

Easily validate whether the network fees you’re being charged align with published rates—and that you’re not being overbilled by your processor. Benchmark acquiring fees against similar-sized merchants and get guidance that can be used in your next negotiation. You can even set alerts for meeting volume commitments on acquiring and network incentives/performance thresholds.

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