An analytics solution to overcome your most difficult payments challenges

Empower your organization with an unparalleled platform that combines an innovative analytics engine with knowledgeable payments experts.

Turn Payments Data into Actionable Intel

Our fully automated SaaS platform enables you to collect, review, and manipulate tons of past and current payments data to discover the answers you need—in just minutes. Discover how you can transform your data into insights you can act on quickly.


Quickly get a pulse on key performance indicators like effective cost, card sales, downgrade ratio, chargeback ratio, and more.  Filter sales and effective cost for a specific period or by merchant ID (MID).  And easily compare costs across payment tenders.

For retailers, we can associate MIDs with location attributes and display KPIs on a map for geographic visibility.  Want to drill down for more details?  Simply click on any part of the dashboard.

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Interchange rates are unavoidable. It’s a simple fact. But with our payment analytics platform, you can perform interchange analysis to optimize your interchange fees:

  • View Interchange data for all your card payments…identify interchange savings opportunities

  • Easily identify stores or MIDs with the highest downgrades, sales, and downgrade ratio with a visual heatmap

  • Find stores with the lowest processing costs, then develop best practices for rolling out to other stores for savings at scale

  • Uncover issues with specific MIDs that increase processing costs by using our platform’s store/location analysis

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LexisNexis research notes that for every dollar of losses, merchants are losing $2.40 based on chargebacks, fees, chargeback research and merchandise replacement. The cost of out-of-control chargebacks can quickly add up to noticeable share of your revenues and, little by little, cut profits.

Our analytics platform empowers your organization with chargeback insights:

  • Track chargebacks by stores, dollar amount, and reasons to see trends over time

  • Identify the “why” behind the chargebacks, then take informed action to decrease them

  • Drill into chargeback cases to see issuer notes and all records, including the original transaction related to the chargeback

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On average, network and acquirer fees represent 20% of the total cost of card payments. Our payments analytics dashboard enables you to deep dive into these fees:

  • See percentage of total cost of card payments

  • View fees charged vs fees contractually negotiated

  • Search fees negotiated vs fees benchmarked for similar-sized merchants

  • Review network fees that can be optimized

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Sometimes things happen outside of your scheduled review sessions. No worries. Stay up to date with regular alerts.

Easily create alerts to notify you of downgrades, chargebacks, fees, or sales that meet specific criteria. Get email notifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Customize alerts to get the information you need when you need it, whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or out of the office.

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Streamline your payments and uncover savings

Optimized Payments Consulting can implement analytics within a matter of weeks and help you centralize, normalize, and analyze your payments data for valuable payments insights. 

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